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A termite infestation can get out of control quickly and requires swift action to minimize costly damages. If you think you have termites, act now and book a free inspection with EcoFusion.

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The east coast has a lot of termites. In fact,  New Jersey has one of the highest rates of termites per acre in the whole of the US. It is estimated that there’s an average of 16-20 termite colonies per acre. Yikes! That’s bad news for homeowners since termite damage won’t be covered by homeowner’s insurance.
Here in NJ, we’re no strangers to heavy rains or heat, which lends itself to worsening termite problems. So, as a New Jersey homeowner, it’s less of an “if” and more likely a “when” will you experience a termite invasion. But don’t fret, with same-day or next day inspections available, we can provide protection as soon as tomorrow with our green, fully comprehensive solutions.

Subterranean termites

Subterranean termites are the most common type of termites in the USA. You can spot subterranean termite colonies because the winged swarmers (a.k.a. alates) will usually be dark brown or black and have two wings that are equal in length.
The worker termites don’t have wings, are cream colored, and are about a quarter of a inch long. Subterranean soldier termites have large mandibles, a creamy-white body with a brown head and are wingless.
Subterranean termites establish colonies in the soil below ground or in secluded moist environments above ground as protection from the open air. The termites will build mud tunnels (a.k.a. galleries or tunnels) to reach food from above the ground.
Some of these colonies have more than one egg-laying female. That means that the nest can grow alarmingly quickly.


It’s not always easy to identify a termite infestation since their activity is usually hidden behind walls and siding.

Some of the surefire signs that you have termites on your hands are seeing termite swarmers (they look a bit like flying ants), finding piles of wings in or around your home, discolored and bulging walls, or peeling paint, wood in your home that sounds hollow (usually in areas where moisture has occurred like window sills, door frames, etc.). Luckily, not only do our termite certified experts know what signs to look for, we can also provide you with recommendations to minimize your chance of infestation. Call to book your free termite inspection today!

Schedule a Free Inspection With eCOfUSION Today.

Fast, effective results for your pest problems.


Termites cause millions in damages each year for American Homeowners. Not on our watch.

kind to people

We know how stressful it can be to have pests. We also know how stressful it can be to have your family and pets exposed to harsh chemicals and toxins. EcoFusion makes pest control guilt free by using botanical based solutions to household pests. That way, you can limit the number of chemicals being used in your home.

kind to the planet

Pesticides can leave lasting damage on the planet. By choosing green pest control, you’re reducing the number amount of pesticides and harsh chemicals in your community and the planet as a whole.

Kind to pets

Pets are family, too! Pests and pesticides can cause harm to your pets, but the EcoFusion team is really mindful of that. We make sure that we remove pests from your home as quickly and efficiently as possible to limit the impact of pests on your pets. Also, we make sure that pets aren’t present during our treatments (e.g. mosquito fogging) so that they’re not impacted.
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