Roach Service

Our Pricing is $278 For two treatments or you can pay per treatment which would be $189 for the first $139 for the second service within 30 days 

You save $50 paying for the 2 services up front.

  • We have a Pro Plan that is $190 for the first service and $50 a month we come out quarterly and cover you for 30 types pest like mice , rats, fleas, carpenter ants, and many other pests its a one year contract. you get 20% off the year if you pay it in full which is $632

With our service we identify areas where the roaches are coming from inside and outside the home. The tech will create a treatment plan such as baiting and trapping and in most cases spray and bait where we see the majority of the activity. We use pet and kid friendly products. The products we apply are slow acting so it sometimes takes a couple of weeks for the activity to die out. 

    • No our products are safe just stay out of the treatment area till our products dry.
  •  How long does it take for the service to work?
    • on average 14-21 days 
  • Is it safe for my dogs and kids
    • Yes 
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